Privacy Policy

Email Newsletter
  • We run an optional email newsletter, which you may sign up for by submitting a form from this website.
  • We do not sell or share newsletter subscriber information with anyone.
  • You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. We will delete your user information from our list, though we will maintain a record of your email address separately in order to prevent mistaken future mailings.
Contact Form
  • We do not sell or share any information you send in the contact form to any third party or use it for any purpose other than to respond to inquiries.
Visitor Tracking
  • Visitor traffic is collected and analyzed by a self-hosted software platform called Matomo. Because we host our own instance of Matomo, none of the tracking information is transmitted to a third party.
  • IP addresses are anonymized by being truncated to two bytes.
  • We do not use cookies for tracking purposes.
  • Visitor information collected includes the following:
    • User IP address, anonymized to groups of 65,536.
    • Approximate location of the user based on the anonymized IP address. Accuracy is approximately to the level of a country, region, or state.
    • Date and time of the request.
    • URL and Title of the page being viewed.
    • URL of the page that was viewed prior to the current page if the visitor followed a link from the prior page to the current page.
    • Main language of the browser being used.
    • "User-Agent" string reported by the browser being used. From the User-Agent string, we may be able to guess certain information, such as:
      • Name and version of the web browser (ie, Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
      • Type and version of the operating system (ie, MacOS, Windows, Linux)
      • Type of device used (ie, desktop, tablet, mobile, tv, console)
      • Brand and model of the device being used (ie Apple iPhone)
    • Screen resolution being used (only if Javascript is enabled).
    • Page load time (only if Javascript is enabled).
    Website Hosting
    • The website and analytics are managed by Modus Vivendi Media, based in California, USA.
    • Traffic for the site passes through the proxy/CDN service CloudFlare.
      • CloudFlare sets one or more cookies to enable their network traffic management and security capabilities, which we do not have control over. See Understanding the Cloudflare Cookies.
    Privacy Warning Cookie
    • Clicking "I understand" in response to the privacy warning about embedded videos will set a cookie to prevent the warning from being shown again. It expires in one year.
    Do Not Track (DNT) and Right to Be Forgotten
    • We do not utilize third-party tracking or retargeting. We also anonymize the analytics data we collect into groups of over 5000 and delete raw server logs after 10 days. Thus we believe DNT is not applicable to this website and we do not change any tracking activity based on the presence or absence of a DNT request.
    • Since we try to collect as little personally identifiable information as possible, our ability to remove such information is limited, with the exception of the email newsletter subscriber list. We may also not be able to show a site visitor their data since we may not be able to positively associate the anonymized data we have with a particular visitor. However, we will make a best-effort attempt to do so upon request.